thorn and dust 🇬🇧

through the dust and thorn to go
craving for your kisses
being home away from home
known yet foreign places

waving swords and flying arrows
in the night in silence thinking
bed is all the flowery meadows
stars like Earth to heaven linking

no proof is needed any more
my candle's been lit on fire
you've got the key to open my doors
a thought most dire

many are words
an army of the past
yet no sign of hope
to see you at last

to see how fair
and how nice you are
the chances are mere
since you are so far

alone in the room
alone in the dark
beaten by the destiny
farce or a lark

to be true and honest
you are dear to me
like rivers and the forests
together we shall be

when my mind comes across the memories of you
my heart keeps on smiling
the sun is bright, the neons too
but you are the most shining

the smiles and kisses to me you've sent
stopping my blood flow every time
together to be we were meant
love now seems worth any crime

what I need is patience
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
my head filled with questions
no answers would satisfy