without heart 🇬🇧

once upon a time a robot came to be
for he was made of metal they called him the Can man
with arms he could work, with eyes he could see
he could do whatever a man can

once an unfamiliar woman came
and his master started acting strange
from then on he's never again been the same
but noone else seemed to care about the change

after a while master took Can man aside
"I have to go now and so I set you free
unluckily a bogus man like you my wife cannot abide
but don't worry, you'll find a friend or two, or three"

the master left and Can man became alone
he didn't know freedom, yet he had noone to obey
in that land there was no internet, not even a phone
one thing he knew, there was no need to stay

on his journey through the land, many friends he'd found
a man of straw, no fool, but still he couldn't find his brain
a girl from another world, though to this one she was bound
a lion, that could be anything but brave

the more he learned, the more questions kept appearing
what makes people happy and what brings them together?
what makes them go even though they know the death is nearing?
and what makes them feel as if they're floating like a feather?

a wise man he met once, a wizard of a kind
and he said, that what Can man seeks, is heart
though today it's not so easy to find
and nobody could even tell him where to start

a rumour then he came across
about a witch Fiura, so evil and cruel
who uses her nasty evil force
to turn every man into a fool

"I'm not a real man, even though Can man is my name
I could try to save the men and return them to their wives
this is not a quest for glory or fame
it's for all the ruined lives"

when he saw the witch he knew what happened to his master
the witch was really unpleased to see Can man once more
she rushed to get her orb, but he was a bit faster
he threw it on the ground and stamped on it's core

the men all around the place, all awakened from their dream
gathered around the witch to stop her causing harm
all of them with weapons, ready to release the steam
now without her magic she only had her charm

little was it worth since command was all she knew
after some threats and prays she began to cry
the Can man said: "Let her start her life anew
maybe it won't be any better, but at least she deserves a chance to try"

the wise man, the wizard, then appeared and preached:
"what good would come from killing her, from tearing her apart?
you should be ashamed, every one of you and each!
or is this young man, made of metal the only one with a heart?"

that was when the Can man found, that heart isn't just a body part
his master came afterwards, full of delight and pride
how his little robot became so brave and kind and smart
and in the end the ex-witch became a healer and no more had to hide